Have you ever put together an inspiration board for a major activity in your life? An inspiration board, as I’ve seen mostly on wedding blogs, is a collection of boundaries that truly lets you focus on achieving a specific goal for a defined purpose. Wedding. Case in point. Most couples want their wedding to be something special — to them. So what better way to make sure your goal(s) are achieved then with some sort of creative boundaries?

Boundaries are not always bad. Well, I’m only speaking to creative boundaries today. I have a history of working in advertising agencies. I understand creative boundaries. I understand the balance of creative freedom versus meeting a strategic goal. There is a line of diminishing returns. Most projects go nowhere near it.

Note: in order to go near the line of diminishing returns you have to encouter a peak creative experience. Enter, inspiration board. This is the place to create boundaries that walk that line. Maybe you’ll end up on the risk adverse side, but, then again, maybe you won’t.

So, what to do:
Step 1: define your goal
Step 2: define your target audience
Step 3: go hog wild creating an inspiration board

I would like to make an inspiration board for my future bed and breakfast. I think I’d start with a room decor style board. I just don’t have the time tonight. But consider this the start. And in the meantime, here are some of my favorite inspiration boards. I don’t know the step 1’s and 2’s. But the step 3’s sure are something:

sleek orange and gray

short fall days

day trip
Here’s to inspiration. May you walk as close to the line as you can.


I find myself thinking about family today. I am thinking about how a family and a b&b might go together?

I want to say it’s about choice.

I choose to be a part of a family. And I choose to what extent I am involved. It’s on my end to participate. Being the youngest sibling, I receive many things from my family, but it’s only when I choose to reciprocate that I start to realize what being a family entails.

I choose to own a b&b (in the future). I choose to intertwine my life and my career. As an inn keeper people will come and go quite frequently. Some will return. Most will not. Some will want to engage. Most will not. But regardless, part of owning a b&b for me is to foster an environment where family is felt and known. I choose to provide opportunities for my guests to reciprocate. And guests can choose to be a part of the family. Most will not.

Maybe it’s because the artist down the street will house her masterpiece in one of my guest rooms. Maybe it’s because the barn I own will be studios for local geniuses working out their latest invention. Maybe it will be about neighborhood dinners or the communal breakfasts. Or maybe it’s just the emotion the warm colors on the wall will evoke.

A family experience can happen anywhere. And while it may last a holiday, a weekend, a lifetime, it’s about reciprocating.

The choice is yours.

A trip I will take.

February 12, 2010

My boyfriend and I have a dream.  In two year’s time (about), we hope to pack up shop and travel the States for a bit.  Our goal is to find a place to call home.  We’re looking for a community.  A place to work and play and invest.  We know this is not a formula.  Nor is it magic.  It’s something in-between.  And just like any great relationship it must be nourished.  It takes time.  It takes a bit of compromise.  But there needs to be some sort of initial chemistry.  Something playful, enticing, inspiring to lure you with.  We want to explore small towns.  See what they have to offer.  See what we have to offer.  And see if there’s anything worth working out together.  Itinerary option 1. T minus 27 months and counting!