bed and BREAKFAST (and other food too)

May 13, 2010

It’s time to talk about Seattle part II — the food.

How ’bout this to greet you in the morning?
Bam! You just say, “Calories don’t count today. Calories don’t count today. Calories don’t count today.” Repeat ten times and then run (don’t walk) to enjoy the above here. It’s a Tom Douglas restaurant. And apparently he’s a big deal in Seattle.
We don’t really care either way. The food speaks for itself.

But don’t you worry, we didn’t stop there.
odd fellows
Even more meat and good bar tender conversation enjoyed at this Capital Hill jaunt.

And yes, there’s more.
We were tempted by the line from the previous day at this Russian bakery.
Another breakfast enjoyed by Elliot Bay.

We also had a fabulous dinner here.
I highly recommend the octopus salad.

And drinks here. Twice.
It’s not the most sophisicated of places. But they sure do serve up a mean sazerac.

Food is why we travel. Well, one of the most important reasons why we travel.
And Seattle has a lot to offer. Yum. Yum. Yum.

The best part about all of this — Seattle is one hill after another.
So as long as you walk from place to place, there’s no guilt involved.


One Response to “bed and BREAKFAST (and other food too)”

  1. livethequestionsnow Says:

    you are making me hungry! and i just had a big dinner! 🙂 -sunny

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