day by day

May 18, 2010

In my new place of employment I can count on one hand the phrases I will most certainly hear each week:

1. Any plans for the weekend?
2. How was your weekend?
3. I can’t wait for Friday.
4. Thank God it’s Friday.
5. I can’t believe it’s only x. (x = Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

Now, I really like where I work. I’m very happy for my job, and I intend to stay that way for some time. And so, my question is, why can’t we enjoy our entire week? Every week. (Note: I did not say everyday.)

Routine is a part of life. It happens. We can not live chaotic, shifting lives 24/7. We’d die by the time we were 25. (Although arguably we don’t even start to appreciate routine till around then.)

I know in the hospitality industry you are at the whim of the consumer, customer, guest. I may very well want to take a nap at 2:00, but there’s a check-in, and it’s 1:30. And I need to go and buy bananas now or I won’t have them tomorrow for breakfast. So off I go, and guess what? The check-in doesn’t come until 4:00. (Jerks.)

It’s a hard skill, to relax while in the midst of anxiety. I think I am beginning to see what a life like this looks like though. (Others may disagree.)

But, my point — enough already with the just trying to get through the day.
Let’s celebrate each day.

I know it’s an odd thought, but each day has something to offer. I’m sure of it. Today I received an unexpected mini cinnamon bun (thanks Martin) and a free lunch. Not bad. Tomorrow I’ll meet with friends for dinner. I’ve been meeting with them for dinner on Tuesdays for the last four years.
(I really like Tuesdays.)

Think of all the missed opportunities if you only live for the weekend. Assuming you have a 9 – 5 job, and spend your Monday — Thursday waiting for Friday, that’s 30 hours* of wasted time thinking about what you’re not doing instead of concentrating on what’s around you that you could be doing.

I know for many facebook provides great opportunities for us to enjoy each moment. If you’re looking for a couple other bits to sprinkle throughout the day, perhaps you may like:

THXTHXTHX (a thank you letter, post-it style, for everyday.)
Cool Huntings (They post multiple times a day. I am always inspired by something when I check this blog.)
Lovely Morning (Just one that I enjoy. And it usually has pretty pictures.)

*Assumes the hours of 5 – 11, Monday – Thursday. A bit of an exaggeration I know, but it helps emphasize my point.


2 Responses to “day by day”

  1. Jill Says:

    Karen, you could not be more spot on!! Enjoying this very moment and not worrying about the moment before or after, has been something that the Lord taught me about 16 years ago. It was the most valuable lesson I have learned. Enjoying right NOW, second by second, is a gift…. enjoy and embrace the gift…OXOX J and btw, have an awesome dinner tomorrow night…. Tuesday…

  2. I agree too many people still think the weekend is when you can be “you.” Do it everyday. That’s why Im a jerk 24/7 that’s just me.

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