a day in the life of…

May 25, 2010

I am introducing a new series of posts entitled, a day in the life of…
These posts will be stories I have gathered from whomever about working in the hospitality industry.

This post is from a small hotel/inn manager.

This day started off very much on the quiet side.
Knowing there was a full house of guests ready to descend at any moment, it was the kind of quiet that makes you just a bit nervous.
But regardless, I savored my slow morning with a nice, warm latte and waited for the rush to begin.
And when it began, it came full force!

The first phone call was a guest… “I can’t get the wireless to work. What do I do?”
“No problem. Try this, this or that.” I say brightly.
“Ok. Thanks.” Click.

My next phone call is also from a guest.
“Um. There is water streaming down from the light fixture in my bathroom.”
“Oh…hello. How lovely. What room are you in?”
“Ah…I don’t know. 105…no, the one with the apples i think. Um…”
“Ok. No problem. Welcome, by the way. This sounds like it may be your first morning with us…
I’ll be right up.”
I heard the water streaming down from his bathroom before I even knocked on the door…
As I head up, I manage to call the room above.
“Um. good morning. This is the manager. Might your toilet be overflowing?”
The receiver says, “Why yes, actually it is. But my partner is taking a shower, and I thought we’d wait and call you when he was done.”

“Oh. I can see how you would want him to finish taking his shower, but there’s water streaming down the ceiling of the room below you. So I’m going to go ahead and come on up now.”
“Right, well, I’ll just tell my partner to get out of the shower.”
“Great. Thank you.”

Sure enough the toilet was passionately overflowing. I unclogged the toilet and turned off the water. (Why it is that the Brits never think to plunge?!) Then began the running up and down the stairs with heaps of old towels mopping up the water so no more would fall through to the room below. (All this on just half a latte.)

One man wraps in a towel. The other man thinks it just dandy to stroll around in boxers. Going back to the other room, towel man decides to start dressing as well. And yet, somehow this all seems natural.
Crisis is averted. Guests seem pleased.

All said and done, I called the owner. No answer.
I text the owner. No answer.
I email… I get an answer!
“Thanks for the toilet notice.”

After the toilet incident, everyone (all remaining guests) decide to come down to breakfast at once.
Go figure.
What a morning! Can I go home now?
Or at least give me a moment to finish my latte.


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