a letter from the Broke-Ass Bride

June 9, 2010

So, if you haven’t heard the news, I’m engaged!
And I’m overwhelmed and excited. (Yes, already).
But I’m mostly happy, the kind of happy that warms your heart from the inside.

I started following a handful of new wedding blogs. (I can follow more now that I have a reason to do so.) This excerpt is from A Love Letter to Summer Brides post on Broke-Ass Brides.

It’s a great excerpt. It’s not just about a wedding. It’s about completing a long-term goal with your partner, about what you may learn along the way and what you may feel. I hope I experience these emotions as my wedding day approaches, but also as day 1 of the B & B approaches too.

Read on:

“…Whichever you choose, either the “Whew!” or the “Awww… or somewhere in between (or both) you have to admit that it’s been quite an experience, hasn’t it? You’ve learned a lot. You’ve not only figured out all this wedding stuff works, but you’ve also found out more about yourself, what you want, and even more importantly, since you’re going to be hanging out with this guy for the rest of your life, how the two of you work together as a team.

What else have you learned? You’ve certainly had many chances to practice and improve your “people” skills, not to mention managing your time. You’ve learned how to negotiate, how to compromise, and how to – and how not to – stick to a budget. At this point, you can rapidly calculate 5 – 18% of anything. At the beginning of this whole thing, you were wondering where to start and how to start, and GAH, frustration! But look at you now – you found your venue, you found your dress, you found your photographer and got through your engagement shoot, you found everything else you needed and wanted. And you learned that all it takes to get that is perseverance and patience, and raising your hand and asking questions that you don’t know the answers to. And you got from there to here more or less in one piece, just like I knew you would. You are a frickin’ Rock Star, and you can do anything. Remember that. …”

Maybe someone can remind me of these words when I start to feel like nothing’s going right?


3 Responses to “a letter from the Broke-Ass Bride”

  1. Sarah Says:

    If you need a reminder, I’ll be happy to lend some encouraging words of support whenever you need!

    Congrats again!

  2. Jill Says:

    Just remember, it is the marriage that is important, not the wedding day…. you will be an amazing wife….. I love you. Jill

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