hospitality = partnership.

June 24, 2010

So I’m realizing hospitality goes hand in hand with partnership.  I think this has been a long coming realization to me, but the ah-ha moment only clicked in my brain recently.  (I love it when that happens.) 

The idea is this:  in order to create a hospitable environment one has to be open-minded and accepting of, well, almost anything.  Of course, there are parameters.  You don’t have to create a hospitable environment to, say, an axe murderer.  But well, likewise, you don’t always have to offer cookies and milk and be sitting at the kitchen table.  Hospitality involves a partnership.  It’s a partnership between the parties involved.  One wants to be hospitable, but someone has to accept your hospitality.  It’s a simple thought process really, but I think it’s hard to execute for some.

And harder still for others.  I’ve also recently discovered that I am a bit more particular then I’d like to admit.  (Let’s just say I recently changed living situations.  The new roomie is definitely teaching me a thing or two about being hospitable.) 

Being open-minded and truly accepting of what life has to offer makes living more fulfilling.  And it gets us closer, in my opinion, to discovering more about who we are and what we have to offer. 

So go ahead!  Share a conversation on the side of the road with a stranger.  (If she’s willing.)  Or say yes to a spontaneous picnic on a park bench with your dear friend.  I don’t care.  Just don’t go sit at the kitchen table with milk and cookies and expect me to show up.


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