August 29, 2010

One thing I look forward to as an inn keeper: being inspired. I know many people come to rest and relax and most often will not converse with me to the extent of inspiration. BUT, it will happen from time to time. And I look forward to it.

Tonight, I am inspired by my friend Tanja. She is on a journey of renewal and redemption. She is seeking beauty in the least likely of places. And is incredibly passionate about encouraging women who are, to put it nicely, affected by the world of human trafficking. Go Tanja. You can read about her experience here.


i can’t make coffee.

August 12, 2010

I don’t know how I am supposed to run a bed and breakfast when I can not seem to make a good pot of coffee. I have many roommates who can attest to this fact. It’s true. I’m very sorry to say. I think I’m getting better, but to no avail. And there’s no consistency to my bad coffee. It’s too weak and then too strong. And sometimes just right. But I can’t replicate the “just right” feat. And yes, it is a feat. I’ve tried a coffee press, a little stovetop pot and the “American” way. It doesn’t matter.

My conclusion: go out for coffee! Or have someone else make it. We’ll see how that fares for the bed & breakfast.

I welcome your tips. But then again, I’m not sure that would help either.

Photo by Blair Morad.