October 28, 2010

B + I (although it’s mostly me, I’m not gonna lie) are planning a wedding!  yay!  I am finding TONs of fantastic inspriation out there and just can’t keep it all to myself.

1. Design Sponge.  I can’t begin to tell you all the ideas I’ve dreamed up from this site.  Most I can’t afford, but I keep being inspired a high, high priority, and if you do too, you really should be following this blog.

I found out about Sid Dickens via this blog.  And I’m 99% sure I’m going to register for some of his inspired artwork.

2.  The best save-the-date ever can be viewed here.  (Thanks for sharing Melanie.) 

3.  I’ve highlighted these before, but I love looking through all the boards on Snippet & Ink.  Like Board #506: Quoth the Raven.  It reminds me of the play that swept through Boston just a bit ago, Sleep No More.  Did you see it?  Odd and awesome.  Look for it; you really should experience it.

4.  And lastly, I leave you with this.  WHITE:

It’s pure, simple, and right. (Kind of what a wedding should be like.)  I would LOVE a room like this.  But I can’t have one right now.  And so I’m going to save this for the second floor in the future, to-be-named B&B.



One Response to “inspiration.”

  1. Sid Dickens Says:

    Design Sponge is one our favourite sites too!! I can’t tell you how honoured we were to be included in one of their posts, and reach so many new people around the globe. Thanks for the shout out.

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